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Legal Terms

Who we are

Revolyx is a French startup specializing in "reverse mentoring" and that has a fresh vision of employees and their relationships. The Revolyx mission is to create a technological and human ecosystem, helping organizations and individuals face the challenges of the digital age: Revolyx is the answer to how reverse mentoring contributes to the continuous development of professional and personal skills, by bridging generations, while contributing to the well-being of society.

Company information

Revolyx is a French simplified joint-stock company (French legal form “SAS”) registered under the number 834 298 911 00019 with a capital of €11,000 and whose office is located at 49 rue de Ponthieu, 75008 Paris FRANCE. The company is represented by Mrs. Ieva Gaigala as Chairman and CEO reachable on this email address or by phone.


This website is edited by Ieva Gaigala and aims at presenting an updated information about the activity of Revolyx and addresses those interested in the progress of the company.
This website is hosted by NETIM SARL whose registered office is located at 165 avenue de bretagne, Euratechnologies, 59000 Lille FRANCE.

Intellectual property

Revolyx owns the rights or has the usage of rights of all the elements including data, graphics, photos that make up this website and the Revolyx mobile application. Any attempt to reproducing or distributing all or part of the content is prohibited.
Some contents including names, birthdays, profile pictures, email addresses, descriptions, type of profile (“digital native” or “digital adopter”), skills (“skill set”), interest (“curious set”) and user profile contacts are, by exception the property of their respective authors and Revolyx has the rights to use them in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Privacy Policy

The collection and processing of personal data of users on the Revolyx mobile application are in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and are handled after the consent of each user. The data collected during registration on the mobile application and then throughout the use of the application are necessary in order to provide better matching and service around the activity of Revolyx, as well as to guarantee the user protection.
This non-sensitive personal data remains secured, strictly confidential within the Revolyx team, is not shared with any third party and stays within the European Union. After each user's consent, the data is collected for a period of 13 months, archived for 36 months and finally deleted.

At any time during this period, any user may request to download, modify or delete their personal data, and will see their request executed within a maximum of 30 days. This request can be made in the "Settings" tab from the bottom menu in the "Manage my data" section, or by e-mail contacting