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Privacy Policy

GDPR Compliance
The collection and processing of personal data of users on the Revolyx mobile application are in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and are handled after the consent of each user.

The information we collect is non sensitive
This non-sensitive personal data remains secured, strictly confidential within the Revolyx team or its subcontractors, is not shared with any other third party and stays within Europe. After each user's collection consent, the data is collected for a period of 24 months, archived for 36 months and then deleted.

Our purpose for collecting data
The data collected during registration as well as throughout the use of application are necessary in order to provide better matching and Services around the activity of Revolyx, as well as to guarantee the user protection.

You can manage your data
At any time during the collection and data storing period, you may request to download, modify or delete your personal data. Your request will be executed within a maximum of 30 days upon your request. This request can be made in the "Settings" section from the bottom menu under "Manage my Data”, or by e-mail contacting

Your e-mail and password
When creating an account, your e-mail address and password are the two factors that will allow you to identify your account from others in the future. Your e-mail address should be personal to you, meaning you can have access to it at any given moment. The password you chose should be at least 8 characters long. Added to that, Revolyx encourages you to make it as complex as possible for anybody to figure it out and log into your account. Revolyx does not have access to your password, it will be encrypted.